South East High School

Are sophomores really forgotten?

Freshmen are new, juniors have testing, and seniors are graduating.  Freshmen last year, sophomores just aren’t new anymore. So, how important is sophomore year?  

“[Sophomore year is important] because it’s one of the main years colleges look at under junior year. It prepares you for the hardest year of high school,” Gerardo Rochin, a sophomore in the Tech & Media magnet said.

Junior year is believed to be the most difficult year because of the Advanced Placement classes chosen during sophomore year. Sophomore year is the year to choose APs and get more involved in the extracurriculars the school has to offer.

“Junior year [is the hardest year] because it’s the year where you take many important tests, such as the PSAT, ACT, and SBAC.  Aside from that, it tends to be the year where many students take more AP courses,” Rochin said.

Extracurriculars like MESA club, Interact, or sports are a good way to get more involved with the school.  Rochin is the sophomore president and is on the Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball team.

“Starting off from freshman year [involving yourself in the school] makes [students] seem more interested and dedicated.  It will also help you realize what you’ll want to be a part of for the next years instead of waiting until last minute,” Rochin said.

It’s easy to think of sophomore year as this null year; however, it is a year to take challenges and invest more time into  extracurriculars.

“I didn’t know [that sophomores were forgotten], but it’s easy to think that since every other year has something to be remembered about: 9th since it’s your first [year], 12th since it’s the last, and 11th because it’s the most challenging and so much is going on.  I feel like even though it may be true, students should still make the best out of it, because high school is full of memories that you’ll have for the rest of your life,” Rochin said. 


—by Janice Chavez