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Beyond the Bell feeds Jaguars after school

FREE FOOD– Adilene Torres, Beyond the Bell representative, and Jorge Trejo, Woodcraft Ranger representative, pass out free lunches to students after school.

Beyond the Bell is an LAUSD program that helps elementary to high school students. The after school program provides aid such as tutoring and activities. The program is slightly different at South East however.

“The purpose of the program is to feed anyone and everyone after school so that they eat something because there are those students who do not go home to another meal,” said Adilene Torres, Beyond the Bell representative who gives out over 100 snacks daily to students after school.
The program launched the last school year as a pilot, but this school year it is an official program.
In order to maintain the program, Torres needs to give away as many snacks to show that the program is needed, but if students are not receiving snacks then the program will no longer be available. In other words, if the school does not show a need then the program is moved to another LAUSD school.
“If the program is removed it affects that child who benefitted from it because there’s always that one student who does need it. There’s always that one student who shows up on time, and if the program is taken away from the school [then] it would affect the students who really need it,” added Torres.
Torres is located after school at the covered eating lunch area Monday through Friday.

–Sara Moya

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