South East High School

College or crush rejection?

Rejection is possibly one of the worst feelings a human can ever endure. The spurning of a person’s affections sting the heart in a drastic manner and leaves a permanent mark. It’s even more unfortunate that there are various ways to feel this unfortunate rejection.
One may assume being rejected by one’s crush is the worst way to feel this inevitable feeling. However, students at South East argue otherwise.
“Being rejected by college is a much more painful feeling than being rejected by a crush. College is more important than being in a relationship because it determines my future,” said Dalia Estrada, a senior in Business, Innovation & Leadership.
However, students like Isaac Yocupicio, a senior in Tech & Media magnet, argue, “Being rejected by your crush is far more devastating than college. The way I see it, you can get rejected by a college and still have an opportunity to get into another one or go to community college. However, when you get rejected by a girl [his crush], there is only that girl. I’m never going to find everything I liked about that girl in anyone else, so to me it is a bigger loss.”
Dennis Flores, a senior in the Justice, Law & Service, agreed with Yocupicio, “Being rejected by your crush is far more hurtful than college because to me there is only one crush and there are various colleges. My girlfriend, Kenya, is one of a kind, and if she had rejected me I would’ve never found someone like her and my life would be completely different.”
Seniors Anelly Perez and Irvin Rodriguez, a couple and from the Tech & Media magnet, both said, “I would rather get rejected by my crush because college determines my future and the rest of my life and that is far more important than something that can be temporary right now.”
There are various personalities around campus and everyone feels differently about the way they are rejected. Some prefer to be rejected by their crush in which fulfills their natural instinct to be cared about by another person. Others feel strongly about being rejected by a college that determines their whole future.