South East High School

Jaguar Times staff member receives paid internship opportunity

Campus Life editor Nicole Funes follows in the footsteps of former paid High School Insider interns Luis Valente, who serves as the current Editor-in-Chief, and former Editor-in-Chief Kevin Camargo, who continues to work with the Los Angeles Times as a Co-Lead Producer of High School Insider, by receiving a paid internship with the program during the summer.

“I’m excited to continue the [South East legacy] because I hope to keep it going for years to come,” Funes said about being the third staff member for a third year in a row who has earned an internship at the Los Angeles Times.  

“Roughly 150 students applied and seven [other students] got it,” Funes said. “They chose students already affiliated with [High School] Insider [who] have published stories,” she added.

The Jaguar Times has been affiliated with the Los Angeles Times High School Insider since its inception in fall 2014. Since 2015, one staff member has always served as a high school summer intern.

Along with seven other interns, Funes has one “grand assignment” for the duration of her internship.

“We’re given an enterprise story and the theme is something in [our] community that is underrepresented that you don’t see often,” Funes said.