South East High School

Jaguars run the streets of Los Angeles

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As many students slept in or were planning to do something with friends or their special someone for Valentine’s Day, a group of Jaguars took the streets of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica very early in the morning to run in the 31st edition of the LA Marathon.

As part of “Students Run L.A.,” a program for middle and high school students that provides them with the training for a marathon in the span of six months, a group of Jaguars took the streets to run the famous 26.2 mile “Stadium to the Sea” course from Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica.

“It’s a great achievement that I will remember for the rest of my life. It’s something I could tell my future children about,” said Monica Alferez, a senior in the Technology & Media Magnet, after completing her fifth LA Marathon this year.

This year’s marathon proved to be a record-breaking marathon.

Adrian Valverde, a sophomore in the Technology & Media Magnet, broke his personal marathon record this year by finishing in 3:58:21.

“When I started running, my goal was to beat my previous time of four hours and 38 minutes. When I saw I could beat the four hour mark, I just went for it,” said Valverde.

Towards the finish, Valverde was getting excited and emotional as he was running his final steps towards the finish.

“I got emotional around the last mile because as soon as I saw I could beat four hours, I pushed myself to do it and I did it,” said Valverde.

Not only was Valverde proud of himself, but so were his Students Run L.A. teammates.

“I was proud of him that he was able to beat his old time,” said teammate Alfredo Cid, a sophomore in the Technology & Media Magnet.

Valverde’s quick finish has inspired his teammates to do better in running.

“The fact that he finished that fast motivates me to run even more and try to improve my time,” said teammate Luis Vargas, a sophomore in the Technology & Media Magnet.