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Letter from the Editor: The Fate of South East

South East students protest the co-location of Valiente College Preparatory Charter School during instructional time on May 22.

Dear Jaguars, 

With the departure of several South East staff and the co-location of Valiente College Preparatory Charter School on its way, it’s easy for continuing students to feel discouraged and anxious about what next school year will hold.

When you receive your class schedule in the first advisory class of the 2018-19 school year, you may notice familiar names, but you’ll also notice the names of new teachers teaching the class that you thought another teacher was going to teach. And one day, those familiar names will also be departing soon, cleaning up their classrooms for another inspiration to take their place, though it may sound impossible at the time.

Teachers will come and go, as will you. That’s just the way it goes, and that is normal and okay. It’s okay to be sad and emotional knowing that you’re saying goodbye to comforting faces that you’ve seen everyday for four, seven, or more years. It may feel as if you’re being robbed of that comfort, but keep in mind that we are too.

As we begin our new chapter in life, you’ll feel left behind, feeling unsure of the future here at South East High School.

“Will South East be the same?” and “What’s going to happen to this class?” are a few questions many of you are asking yourselves. In fact, these are some of the questions we, the Class of 2018, asked ourselves around this time last year. Needless to say, we found out and now, it’s your turn.

Some of you, however, are debating enrollment at the Home of the Jaguars.

And though teachers may be leaving, that is not an excuse for you to do so, too. You, the students, are the very foundation of South East High School, and, sure, teachers and staff play an integral role in shaping our minds, but ultimately, you make this school. Those former Jaguars — now college students — on the banners that you see everyday will, without a doubt, be you one day. To say that this is the end for the school is an overreaction. They did it, we’re currently doing it, and you will too.

You can choose to let these changes bring you down and beat you up, or you can stand up, look them straight in the eye, and say, “Oh no you won’t!” High school is what you make of it, and some charter school shouldn’t get in the way of that, so keep on keeping on because tough times never last, but tough people do.  

Luis Valente
P.S. From all of us here at the Jaguar Times, thank you. 

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