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Look it up: Why North Korea hates the U.S.

Tensions arise amongst countries as problems are presented to world leaders. This can lead to confrontations and wars among nations. One such conflict is the decade-long conflict between the United States and North Korea. The major reason now: nuclear tests.

Since the late 1940’s, North Korea and the United States have butted heads amongst different ideas like communism. The United States was strongly against it while North Korea was taken over by China who was communist. Thus arised the Korean War where a rough estimate of 54,246 American soldiers lost their lives.

Now, millennials might know the basic ideas behind the Korean War, but not the complete story. They only learn what is told in the news daily, which varies from the latest nuclear tests to how insane Kim Jong Un is and how he treats his people harshly. Young people learn that North Korea wants to attack the United States, but do they really know the background story completely?

Truth is, both Americans and citizens from North Korea suffered greatly from the Korean War. Pyongyang lost a great majority of their population from carpet bombings that forces opposing communism dropped. However, many Americans were greatly opposed to the war from back home. They were worried that their dear family members would lose their lives in this deadly war.

Maybe that’s the problem right? That not enough information is given to students or adults. We never question things or look them up. The information given to us is absorbed only for the time needed and then it is completely forgotten.

Ideas should be questioned and information should be researched more than what we are given. We tend to stay with the information we’re given and never try to verify or look at the other side of the same story. Isn’t that the reason why most of us don’t know the figures of the bombs that were dropped on North Korea? Figures that exceed more than those that were dropped in World War II. Or that Americans supplied most of the armed forces that attacked the North Koreans? Figures that exceeded more than half of the supplied soldiers.

We shouldn’t look at ourselves as the mighty Americans who can solve anything with the idea of war or being a known world power. Nations should be looked at from an international viewpoint, as in Syrian or North Korean families. The United States isn’t an innocent country, just like no other country is.

This is why I urge you, look it up. Research the logistics behind the Korean War and why history has led us to where we are today. Research the American casualties behind the war and how many bodies are still missing to present day. Don’t stick to the news that are given to you, no matter how reliable they may be.

Look it up.