South East High School

Looking back & moving on

Graduation is approaching rapidly and everyone is rushing to get their yearbooks signed by all their friends. It’s also time to reflect on memories made. So, for this editorial I’m not only speaking to seniors, but to everyone in this school.

These last four years have been a rollercoaster of events. New friends have been made and some old friends probably lost. New things were tried and new experiences were had too. I’m pretty sure this is what happened to most of the senior class. Now isn’t just a time to look back, but also a time to look forward to what’s next.

We aren’t students in the public, or private school anymore. Sure, students are going to universities and colleges, but they require more self-reliance than parents waking them up for school at 7:15 a.m. knowing full well that school starts in ten minutes and they’re probably going to be late.

To seniors leaving, I hope that every day on after graduation you have a purpose in life. Make a goal for yourself and never let anyone get in the way of it. If you want to be an artist and someone tells you that it isn’t a good career choice, go for it. There are so many years ahead of you, that are full of new experiences and people who you might meet.

I hope that students wake up with so much joy and excitement every day and that they never have a bad day. Sure, there will always be bad days because life isn’t perfect at all. However, when those days come remember that the “rain always comes before the rainbow” and that everything can be done.

Life isn’t and never will be easy. The real world is full of horrible people wanting to cause harm to others. They’re just waiting for someone to come along and be their next victim. However, there are also good people who will be there to help everyone when they may need it and can become a rock in life.

I urge you to become one of those people.If someone needs help, be the one that makes the change. If someone is starving, do not ignore them. Try helping them. We cannot expect others to help and not ourselves. This world wasn’t created on being greedy, but with people who are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to make one person’s life better.

If you get anything from this, I hope you take away that you should make every day count. Do not regret any day from now on because by the time you realize it, you might just be 70 years old and never have done anything exciting.

When hardships come around, face them head on knowing full well that you will always make it through. Lean on your family because no matter what they love you and they will always be your rock throughout life.

Finally, don’t be afraid. This world and life is full of unexpected turns and you will never know what can happen. There will be bad days, but I’m pretty sure the good days will make you forget about those.

I hope you enjoyed all the editorials that we published throughout the year. We truly had fun with them and I hope that you learned something from each one. To seniors, congratulations you earned this and to everyone else, trust me, it will all be worth it in the end.