South East High School

Meatless Turkey Day

Vegetarians, pescatarians, and vegans; all these individuals have meatless Turkey Days—Thanksgiving without a turkey.

“We actually eat everything that most people do—stuffing, green beans, yams – we just have turkey that is soy based rather than meat based,” said Mrs. Jacoby, a pescatarian teacher in the Justice, Law & Service small school.

There are always sides and vegetables to eat and tofu or soy products to enjoy.

“It is healthier because it’s more plant-based; many people consume a lot of fat from meat,” said Kunj Patel, a vegetarian sophomore in Technology & Media magnet.

Although some people don’t understand the desire not to eat meat, therefore those who choose not to eat meat can be affected by negative comments.

“I’m not deprived of the meal; desserts are vegetarian, so I’m not missing out,” Jacoby said.

“Veganism shapes the holiday because I cannot eat turkey and people think that is essential for Thanksgiving, but I don’t care because I am happy being vegan,” said Crystal Contreras, a senior in the Visual & Performing Arts small school.

Overall, veganism, vegetarianism, and pescatarianism do not have any profound effect on celebrating Thanksgiving; these lifestyles do not isolate anyone or make dinner any huge feat.

“If you like being vegetarian—you are a happier person and the holidays let you share it with your family,” said Gloria Reyes, a vegetarian senior in the Justice, Law & Service small school.

Holidays are about family, meat is not necessary for focusing on family or for having dinner with them.