South East High School

New AP classes planned for 2016-17 school year at South East High School

Students at South East High School may have two extra AP classes to choose from the next school year. These two AP classes that might be available are AP Computer Science Principles and AP Psychology.

According to the College Board, AP Psychology includes the systematic and scientific study of mental processes through different topics.

But according to Ms. Che Parker, the Tech & Media magnet and Advanced Placement program coordinator, there is still debate about the availability of the new AP Psychology course for next year.

The other class that is possible is AP Computer Science Principles.

“This is more of the concepts of technology and computers. We do a lot of different subjects and we talk about algorithm, we talk about programming, the Internet, and the impact of technology,” said Mr. Pacheco, a teacher in the Tech & Media magnet.

According to Mr. Pacheco, they do not have all the information on the class yet because of the training for teachers and the whole class curriculum.

This AP test is different from most of the other AP tests. This AP test will be a two-hour exam that will only be 60 percent of the score. The other 40 percent will be from the projects done in class.

Although there is not enough information about the classes, there is still a possibility of the classes occurring. Students at South East with any questions can contact Ms. Che or Ms. Tinajero for AP Psychology or Mr. Pacheco for the AP Computer Science Principles.

“I’m pretty excited about [the new class] because it’s a class that [involves] more interest rather than the [regular] programming AP Computer class,” said Mr. Pacheco.