South East High School

Old vs. new Kanye — which is better?

Like most things in life, things change. Most often for the better. Kanye West, possibly the most popular and influential celebrity of the decade, has had a drastic change; from this original humble Chicago kid to this new Hollywood fashion visionary. But which Kanye is better?

In a recent survey at South East High School, 89 out of 100 students said the “old Kanye” is better. Most students said the “new Kanye” was too cocky and all about attention. Others disagreed.

Ceaser Ceballos, a senior from the Justice, Law, & Service small school argued otherwise. He believes Kanye is misunderstood.

“The industry isn’t letting him create his vision,” said Ceballos. “They’re giving him too many rules and regulations that are restricting his vision.”

However, many still believe Kanye was better as his original humble state.

“Old Kanye is definitely better,” said Christian Gutierrez, a sophomore in the Technology & Media magnet. “He was more deep, meaningful, and emotional.”

Whether fans love the original, humble Chicago kid or the new fashion visionary “Yeezus,” Kanye West has had an outstanding career in music.

–Erick Alfaro