Jaguars, big and small, show support at this year's Azalea Bowl.
South East High School

School spirit at South East? Yeah…

It’s lunchtime at South East and it’s Jaguar Day. Students walk past Jenny the Jaguar, ignoring her Jaguar-inspired ensemble. Then again, it’s not out of the ordinary for students to disregard leadership’s efforts to promote school spirit.

“School spirit is promoted, but students just don’t participate,” Ismael Torres, a senior in the Technology & Media magnet, said.

There have been several spirit weeks that don’t seem to catch the student’s attention, because they don’t participate in the quad games during lunch, nor do they dress according to themes. For example, on “Neon Day” the people who participated the most were the few leadership students.

Many seniors complain about having no school spirit, but “it’s [the seniors] who lack school spirit and pride,” Adriana Calderon, a senior in the Business and innovation, said. Seniors are generally the ones who try to have the most spirit because it is their last year to ever participate in such activities.

Students worried about losing their “Jaguar Pride” are the ones that fail to change it.

“People [who] complain about having no school spirit are the ones who don’t have any,” Aully Leon, a senior in the Business and innovation, said.

“Sometimes students are embarrassed to participate in front of peers due to the fear of being criticized,” Pedro De Anda, a senior in the Technology & Media magnet, said.

Students claim to have tremendous school spirit just because everyone goes “all out” but this is only true for the Azalea Bowl. The student section was spirited, and all students seemed to have had a great time. The crowd was loud, extremely excited, and geared up with blue and white and silver.

The school pride and spirit seem to only be present during the rivalry game. Students should be showing this level of enthusiasm everyday, not just every once in a blue moon.