(Photo courtesy of The Jaguar Times)
South East High School

Senior Fail Cards distributed at South East High School

Senior Fail Cards are letters that are directly sent to senior students’ parents informing them that the student is failing a class or missing credits to graduate. The fail cards were submitted by teachers, and the letters were sent by the office.  

According to South East High School Assistant Principal Ms. Flores, most seniors have a fail card because they have not completed the Service Learning Project.

“Hopefully students do what they need to do [and] submit anything they haven’t submitted [to] be able to graduate on time,” said Ms. Flores.

Ms. Flores hopes that next year the fail cards will not be a huge problem. For example, she believes having the Service Learning Project in the first semester is less stress than having it second semester; lowering the number of senior fail cards.

“Even though I did receive one card, it puts a lot of pressure on me because it is warning me of the danger I have of not passing my class,” said Mario Tovar, a senior in the Business, Innovation & Leadership small school.  He sees it as a wake-up call to get his work together and graduate.

“It’s unfortunate that it has to come to that point,” said Mr. Palencia, a teacher is the Business, Innovation & Leadership small school. “[My] worry is the cost of mailing those cards, but when you look at it, the cost becomes very minimal compared to the outcome of kids graduating.”