(Photo by Kevin Camargo)
South East High School

South East boys’ soccer forfeit games, still make playoffs

The South East boys’ soccer team had to forfeit four games from the season because players had outside activity with different soccer clubs. With only one game in the postseason, the soccer season is over.

“[It] affected us really bad, [but] at the same time it taught us something: In life, we’re not always going [to] get what we want,” George Carreon, a senior in the Health, Science & Environment small school, said.

According to Carreon, the forfeits affected the team and their chance of winning league. “Even though all [that] stuff happened to us, we managed to pull through and [make] it to playoffs,” said Carreon, the team co-captain.

According to Carreon, three of the athletes were forced to quit and one player stepped up and apologized to the whole team and coaches.

Before the team was sat down by their coach to learn the news, the team had just recovered from their 4-1 loss against their rival South Gate.

“We were humiliated at their house in the first league game and that really hurt all of us [because] we never lost that bad to South Gate,” Christian Galiana, a senior in the Business, Innovation & Leadership small school and team co-captain, said.

The team had to win the next game with four goals, but managed to score three goals and send the game to penalty kicks.

“When I scored the first goal, I was thinking in my head [that] this [was] the spark to start the comeback,” said Galiana. He scored the first and the third goal of the game to send the game into penalty kicks. He shot the winning penalty for the trophy. According to Galiana, he was not supposed to take the shot, but he stepped up for his team.

“I didn’t really feel pressured [because] I had scored [penalty kicks] throughout the season,” said Galiana. “I knew I was going to score.”

After the win against their rival, the team defeated Bell, the Eastern League champions. The guys lost their game 5-3 against Robert F. Kennedy Community in the first round of the playoffs.

“It was a bumpy season. We had a lot of downs, but we all came together. We finally found that spark that makes us South East, and we had a great season. I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Galiana said.