South East introduces the new JAG Credit Recovery Program

The JAG Credit Recovery Program is a semester-long program that offers students the opportunity to recover credits. The program is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in various classrooms.

JAG stands for Jaguars Achieving Graduation. It started on Oct. 17 and is expected to end on Dec. 15. The program is basically a seventh period after school in the subject the student needs the credits.

“You’re not starting over, you’re starting based on your percentage,” said Ms. Tinajero, an instructional coach and WASC Coordinator. The percentage the student received on the failed class determines the amount of hours that are required for the class. It ranges from 12 hours, if the percentage is between 65-69%, and 24 hours, if the percentage is between 50-54%.

Attendance is taken in each class to see how many students are really doing the hours needed and which students are falling behind. The program does not offer classes for students who failed AP or Honors classes.

“Not everyone gets the opportunity to make up a class,” said Alex Palmerin, a senior in the Justice, Law & Service small school. Palmerin has been in the program for a week and is making up 20 hours. Palmerin hopes to get “the credits and [learn] the [math] I missed from Algebra 2 so I can improve my math skills.”

JAG is not the only program that is being offered for Credit Recovery, there is also the Edgenuity Virtual Lab. The school also offers intervention programs such as the Peer Mentor Program, EL Specialized Tutoring, or even the Jaguar Tutoring Center.

According to Ms. Tinajero, the difference between Intervention and Credit Recovery is that “Intervention can be both academic intervention and social/emotional intervention,” Credit Recovery is meant to help get a letter grade and class credit.

“We need to help students who are struggling, and sometimes that a big section of our [students],” said Ms. Tinajero. “[Students] forget about PRIDE, so [a] part of these interventions [is] us communicating with students that need intervention in their academics. Having PRIDE in yourself means taking advantage of [these programs].”

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