South East High School

Underclassmen taking college courses

College courses are provided after school in collaboration with East Los Angeles College and students are encouraged to attend. Taking college courses can give underclassmen a great advantage.

Last semester, four college courses were provided to students after school. The courses provided were Administration Of Law, Art Appreciation, Health, Engineering, and Graphic Design. This semester three courses are provided: Psychology, Child Development, and Communication. All the college courses provided are UC and Cal State transferable. This means any classes taken will count as college credit when admitted to a Cal State or a UC.

“Last semester, all underclassmen passed,” college counselor Ms. Barnes said.

The majority of students taking college courses are underclassmen. Barnes encourages students to take part in college courses provided on campus.

Rolando Ramirez, a freshman in the Business, Leadership, & Innovation small school, believes college courses provided on campus can be beneficial, especially to underclassmen.

Ramirez said,

“Underclassmen would have an advantage over seniors,” Ramirez said. “[College courses] give students baby steps into college.”

Having the opportunity to take college courses at a young age can help students experience college level work and prepare them for college, Ramirez said. Ramirez is not currently enrolled in a college course, but plans to take Administration Of Law next year as a sophomore.

Aileen Hernandez, another freshman in the Business, Leadership, & Innovation small school believes getting experience and wanting to get ahead is another factor.

“Some students want to know how college is and to get ahead,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez feels the college courses provided are attracting many underclassmen, due to college credit received if the course is successfully passed.

“Courses like this can be very useful, and you can receive college credit,” Hernandez said.

Having opportunities to enroll in college courses at a young age may benefit the incoming classes and generations to come. 

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  • Reply Richard Coca February 22, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    I absolutely agree and the fact that they’re free is an even better reason to take them. When I took a concurrent enrollment program with LAVC and Reseda’s Biotech courses, it definitely opened lots of doors and gave me perspective on how easy college classes can be at least relative to the workload of APs. I love that you took the opportunity to encourage your peers to take college classes now. Great job!


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