South East High School

Unsung Heroes: The SEHS Leadership class of 2017

The Leadership class at South East High School is no stranger to criticism. Every class fundraiser and school dance is met with a bombardment of harsh comments from disappointed students. Praise is almost unheard of.

Every Monday, a group of students gather around a classroom – adorned with colorful posters – for their after school meeting. There, they discuss financial troubles and plan school events, among other things.

Hours pass and the meeting is adjourned. The students get to work, often in groups. They laugh and smile as they do their work; it’s a common sight. Leadership students take pride in the work they do, believing it contributes to a better high school experience for all students.

As soon as their work is up for the entire student body to see, a feeling of pride rushes through them. “I did that,” they all think.

Pride is quickly replaced by astonishment as students mock Leadership’s work. Offline and online, refuge was nonexistent, until now.

To those Leadership students who pour their hearts in everything they do, thank you.

Special thanks to Ms. Barragan, the Leadership advisor. Nothing would be possible without your help and guidance.