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Youth perform after 10 day intensive program at San Pedro Ballet School

San Pedro Ballet School offers the art of dance to interested individuals regardless of their circumstance. The studio is described as a second home for students as they learn different sets from instructors.

Dancers learn ballet, as well as other life lessons such as respect, discipline and commitment.

“San Pedro Ballet is a family place,” said Director Cindy Bradley. “It’s where young people grow up, gain their self confidence, choose their career [and] further their education for the future.”

Romel Frometa, a dance instructor from Columbus, Ohio flew to Los Angeles with the task of choreographing their recent 10 day intensive program.

“I really love doing ballet. I really love dancing,” Frometa said. “At the same time, I’m learning from them about how I can do better as a teacher.”

The sets showcased were variations of the popular ballet “Sleeping Beauty,” ranging from duos to trios to large groups, showcasing dancers from various backgrounds.

With multiple performances crafted year-round, the studio emphasizes one major philosophy: anyone can dance.