Chase Atlantic at the Regent Theater (Noor Aldayeh / L.A. Times High School Insider)
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Concert Review: Chase Atlantic lights up the Regent Theater in Los Angeles

Hailing all the way from Cairns, Australia, alternative pop trio Chase Atlantic are making their way around the country in their “Phases” tour. On June 28, they made their stop in Los Angeles to headline at the Regent Theater. 

“Phases” is the alt-pop groups sophomore album, which has come after five years of intense work. Chase Atlantic became an official group as of  2014, with the release of their first EP “Dalliance.” The trio is made up of members Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and Christian Anthony; all of whom had a history in music and a passion to create genre-bending sounds. 

Slowly defining their experimental sound, as well as garnering an excited fanbase, Chase Atlantic continued to solidify themselves as a force in the scene. No more than a year after “Dalliance,” they released their second EP “Nostalgia.” It was with this release that the group began gaining true traction, with single “Friends” having received huge amounts of attention online.

From here began an exponential growth of the group, and as of today they have released six EPs, two albums, as well as a handful of singles along their music journey.  

Guitarist/Vocalist Christian Anthony at the Regent Theater (Noor Aldayeh / L.A. Times High School Insider)

Chase Atlantic has proven themselves to be constantly developing new varieties of sound, expanding and redefining their style along with each release of new music.

Their style, though it may not be what is conventionally thought of as “pop,” sounds much like if the 1975 and Willow Smith had a music baby — with high pitched, melodic auto tuned vocals and funky synth-filled background beats. 

It is also worth noting just how much substance each of their songs carry. Chase Atlantic’s music stretches far beyond songs to jump around to (although it is definitely fun to do so), as they have inserted deeper meaning in the lyrics of many of their songs.

Their music contains messages surrounding subjects such as mental health, heartbreak, as well as general acceptance and love for other people. 

All of this and more is capitalized upon in their live performances. Known for putting on captivating shows, Chase Atlantic’s concert at the Regent was certainly an experience of a lifetime.

The group doesn’t shy away from making their shows exciting, and had a wide variety of visual elements that created an entrancing show — intense lighting, moody fog, as well as audio and visuals on screens screens behind them.

They did not drop the energy of their performance for a single second, constantly dancing, jumping, and interacting with one another on stage. 

The group played songs mainly off of the album “Phases” itself, but also made sure to pay homage to their earlier singles, EPs, and albums. Their audience was absolutely immersed in the show, singing lyrics passionately, dancing, even throwing around balloons amongst themselves.

The groups fun stage presence made it that much easier to get completely sucked into the show, and the entire night was an exchange of energy from the members on and off stage. There was no denying the electricity than ran throughout the room. 

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Looking forward, Chase Atlantic seems to be on the right track to continue to create and perform their music to growing audiences. Their commitment to redefining their music and their genre will prove for an exciting future — that is, a promising one.