St. Genevieve High School

My message: The homeless need more opportunities

Dear future president,

In a world filled with discrimination and injustice, the homeless are the last to be thought of. The streets of downtown Los Angeles are filled with thousands of homeless making way in their life with what they have left trying to survive. Every day as I’m on my way to school in the Panorama City area, I see the suffering and lack of support these people go through many of which get anything they can get their hands on to build their “home” which is why a desperate need for more centers is needed that would provide a suitable safe living place.

They should be given the respect and right to be able to get a job without the criticism of being homeless and as job applications require a home address, they don’t even have a place to call home but under freeways or in alleyways. I see a whole sidewalk just two blocks from school and in this area it was their home until, they were forced to move due to the building of a new apartment complex. Going day by day seeing the inequality that exists in our in my city to the most vulnerable people has given me a whole new perspective to be grateful for what I have. More opportunities to everyone rich or poor and to be given more than what is being given to them.


Vanessa Salazar

St. Genevieve High School

Reseda, Calif.