St. Genevieve High School

St. Genevieve High School Varsity Girls’ Basketball: An overview

IMG_3924With the winter sports season coming close to an end, the St. Genevieve High School Girls’ Varsity Basketball team made it to playoffs after 18 wins and 9 losses.

It has been about 38 years since St. Genevieve High School last won the CIF championships and just getting a chance to play in playoffs is a milestone for the girls.

“The biggest highlight of this season would have to be when we were playing one of the recent away games,” said Coach Art Gasparians. “And having to walk into our rivals gym [for a game] with a possibility of being part of the CIF championships and then winning it.”

However, before the basketball season even started, there were changes made on who was going to be the head coach this season. Coach Art Gasparians, the coach for the girls’ junior varsity team, took the position as coach for the girls’ varsity. In previous years, Mr. Patrick Palmeter, St. Genevieve High School’s Dean of Studies, was head coach.

“[Coach Art] is such a great coach and he has taught us so much throughout the season that had helped us develop our skills,” said junior Jada Aldana. “He really cares for the team and we all appreciate all of the time and effort he spends towards us.”

The girls had some challenges to surpass at the start of the season.

“Building confidence as individuals and as team at the start of season was the biggest challenge. We had to work on [this] since this year was basically a brand new team,” said junior Alexis Orellana. “However, the team wanted to improve and prosper to get far [in the season].”

Despite having such a young and new team, Coach Art had no doubts about the girls.

“I already knew most of the girls who were coming in [the varsity team] because I coached most of them in junior varsity,” said Gasparians. “From my experience coaching them I have seen that they all have this drive within each of them that has taken the team to new heights.”

This season has been a success for the team.

“They bring the team together and keep them going whenever they are on the court,” said Gasparians.