ASB executive officers elected for 2015-2016 school year

On April 16, Regents from the freshman to junior classes assembled to listen to the speeches of the ASB candidates for the upcoming school year. After the speeches, the Regents voted on who they thought was most qualified for each position. At the end of the school day, the 2015-2016 ASB executive officers were announced: Gabriella Rubert as president, Jessica Haddad for vice-president, Claire Cassetta as secretary, Michaela Toohey for treasurer, Havalin Nyivih as secretary of school spirit, and Alyssa Rocha for social chairperson.

The new batch of officers, consisting of four incoming seniors and two incoming juniors, are ecstatic to contribute their ideas for the 2015-2016 school year. Several of those ideas include, but are not limited to, a car wash, a teachers versus students game, a Christmas scavenger hunt, awesome rallies, encouraging prayers, and uplifting masses.

Though obtaining their respective positions seems like newfound leadership for each of the girls, it is not uncharted territory for them. Their extracurriculars have prepared them for their positions.

Taking on the office of president is incoming senior Rubert. Aside from being a member of the dance team, she is a part of the Chamber Singers, the annual St. Lucy’s Musical, the Science Olympiad team, National Honors Society (NHS), Girls Who Code, Captains’ Council, Regent Ambassadors, the youth group at St. Paul the Apostle, and the shows and musicals at Chino Community Theatre.

With her experience as class secretary for three consecutive years, Haddad is the ASB vice-president for the 2015-2016 school year. Alongside track and field, she dedicates her time towards the St. Lucy’s Musical, KIWINS, Girls Who Code, being a leader of St. Jude Church’s youth group, and volunteering at Inter-Community Hospital.

Recently elected the position of secretary is incoming senior Cassetta. At St. Lucy’s, she is a member of Regent Ambassadors and the journalism staff. Outside she is also a junior volunteer at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center,

Toohey was chosen for the post of treasurer. While juggling track and field, Chamber Singers, the St. Lucy’s Musical, JSA, CSF and NHS at St. Lucy’s, she volunteers weekly at the San Antonio Community Hospital and has a job as Disney princess Anna from “Frozen”.

Selected as the secretary of school spirit is Nyivih. Although she is mostly known for being on the varsity basketball team, she is currently a sophomore class officer and is actively involved in JSA, the social issues club, Sisters in Song, Girls Who Code, and the recycling club.

Rocha, incoming junior, is appointed the office of social chairperson. She is one of the three girls who takes on the role of Roarie at various school events. In addition, she is involved in St. Denis’ youth ministry.

On the question as to why they ran for ASB, Rubert said, “I have wanted to run since my freshman year. I like having the responsibilities that help others in some way. I feel drawn to leadership positions and I love being involved in the school.”

Haddad added, “I attended St. Lucy’s preschool while my sisters attended St. Lucy’s High school, so seeing them take on leadership positions at my age inspired me to be like them. Also, I am willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to make it a memorable school year.”

The new ASB executive officers will be admitted into office on May 19.

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