St. Lucy's Priory High School

Classes clash and unite in Penny Wars

On Friday, March 27, St. Lucy’s Regents participated in Penny Wars, an annual event that concluded Alumnae Memorial Week. Each of the classes comes together to contribute money to something beneficial: scholarships for the junior class.

Each class has two buckets assigned to them identified by their class color: one for pennies and another for silver. Students put their pennies in their own class bucket; silver goes in other class buckets, which cancels out their penny total.

Though Penny Wars begins on Monday, Friday is when competition for the winning title is most evident. Despite the freshmen’s best attempts at being triumphant, they were ultimately beaten when the sophomore and junior classes donated their pennies to the seniors, and the seniors placed multiple $20 bills into the freshmen’s silver bucket.

In the end, the seniors took home the gold, thanking the sophomore and junior classes while flaunting their jubilant spirits as they roared their class cheer one last time. With all of the classes contributions, a total of $2,337.25 was raised for junior scholarships.

-Abigail Felix