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Last rally of the year

On the afternoon of March 10, the Regents of St. Lucy’s took to the gym where they celebrated the last rally of the year. The theme of the year was “The Wonderful Land of OZ.”

At every school rally this year, ASB dressed up as Oz, Glinda, Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow.  St. Lucy’s students said their farewells to the ASB leadership at this rally and chanted “thank you ASB.”

The seniors experienced a bittersweet moment, as this was their last rally. Every senior came dressed up from head to toe in their class color green, ensuring they would take home the Lucy rally doll for the last time.

The dance team opened up the rally with a performance in themed emerald costumes from the play “Wicked.” They ended their performance surrounding and showcasing ASB in the middle of the court.

There were four games that used the spring sports as their objectives. In the first game, a girl wore a pair of goggles and held the feet of another while wheelbarrowing to half court. Then they tapped their two other teammates into action and the girls took off hopping in sacks to the other half of the court.

A Most Spirited award was presented to a senior who was dressed in green from her head to the green feet of her dragon costume.

A tradition at every rally is the competitive class cheer. The seniors won this part of the event and ended their last rally with an overall victory.

-Vanessa Vela

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