St. Lucy's Priory High School

Opinion: Becoming an adult is not defined by an age

When thinking about the definition of an adult, most people immediately think of someone who is 18 or older. Being 18 involves legality, but is that truly when someone should be defined as an adult?

I will turn 18 in March, and I can promise you that I will be completely dependent on my parents, but that is normal. Being a full-time student takes away pretty much all of my availability to work and provide for myself, and I am not the one paying the bills. So, why, when I turn 18, will I be considered an adult when I am not self-sufficient?

To me, being an adult involves paying your own phone bill, providing for yourself, and being completely independent. The timing of this varies for everyone. Some will jump right into adulthood leaving high school, but I can bet that most of us will not. Our parents help us pay for college and will probably still be very involved in our lives, maybe even more than we would like.

It is crazy to think how reliant we are on those who brought us up. If someone threw me out into the world by myself right now, I would not survive. Being an adult requires much more than just the simple 18th birthday everyone waits their entire childhood for.

Eventually we will all be adults. This amazing but chaotic and dramatic high school world we are so heavily involved in, will become a distant memory. Although this may be sad, once we become adults we will have an entire new journey to look forward to.

Personally I do not believe that the age 18 is the accurate depiction of adulthood, although it does symbolize the end of many childhood experiences and the closing of a chapter. The last Homecoming, last first day of high school, last Friday night football games, last lunches with your friends, and last late night drives to go get In-n-Out with your best friend are just some of the “lasts” that have already begun for the senior class.

As we get more and more involved with the school year, do not forget to embrace every moment. This is true even if you are not a senior and are feeling like you are never going to make it to graduation. It will come faster than you think, so savor it.

Strive to be an adult and dream of that stage in your life, but do not forget to enjoy the current moment because none of us are adults yet, even if you are 18. Embrace life and the plan God has for you. It has its twists and turns, but it all leads you to where you are meant to be.