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Opinion: Say ‘NO’ to misandry

In an article she herself said would “make so many men so very angry,” Chelsea G. Summers described how misandry had, in 2015, become the new tool to further the feministic movement.

Summers stated that a woman now “looks around, and she fears every man, for every man feels implicated in the blank-faced denials of these famous men.” This fear then leads to the anger behind misandry.

The article has been getting mixed reviews since no one can tell if she is actually being serious. As I read through the article, I was waiting for the moment when she would turn it around, say she was joking, or something of the like. I was waiting for the point where I could tell that she is an extremely sarcastic person. That moment never happened.

Modern feminists have tried to separate themselves from the assumption that they hate men for the past few years. Fewer people have identified themselves as radical feminists, who believe they must reject and rage war on men to gain equality.

The most common type of feminism today is liberal feminism. Liberal feminists believe that women and men are equal and should not have their lives chosen for them because of their gender.

Through the ridding of patriarchy in the world, feminists hope to liberate the women in Africa and the Middle East, where rape and abuse is common, and where women are seen more as possessions than as people.

Feminists also hope to end discrimination based on gender, race, religion, and sexuality around the world. As the HeForShe Campaign shows, this type of feminism has attracted both men and women to help fight for equality.

Though she makes some reasonable points, Summers and those who support the idea of misandry fail to realize that hate will not end hate. You cannot put out a fire with more fire.

I do not know what she watches on television. However, I am certain that the television she deduces to be “clad themselves in misandrist armor,” is in actuality depicting tough women who can work the same jobs and achieve the same goals as men can.

There is a difference between being a strong, independent woman and being a woman who hates men. There is a difference between a woman who fights the social injustices in the world and a woman who fights men, just because they are men.

I am also not certain what type of music she listens to that would give her the idea that all women want to do is destroy the male population. I am sure that some misinterpretation has taken place.

For example, when she references Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, she only talks about the first part of the video where she and Selena Gomez are seen fighting off men for a briefcase. The whole video is not about fighting men, however. Most of it is about her fighting Gomez, a woman. The song and video are both Swift’s response to betrayal by a person close to her. No gender is specifically called out.

Misandry has never and will never be able to help feminists achieve their goals; it will only set them back. It is hypocritical to call out certain men for being misogynistic and hating women, and then turn around and hate men. The key to achieving equality is to raise up our voices in a positive, nondestructive way. You cannot hate all men, just because of the actions of a few.

So, Ms. Summers, if this article was written in all seriousness, I am truly sorry for whatever actions some men did to make you have the point of view that all men in the world are the spawn of Satan. I’d have to disagree with your opinion, though. Misandry will never be a large, beneficial presence in the campaign for equality.

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