St. Lucy's Priory High School

Poem: ‘Guns aren’t the problem’

People keep dying

And we keep lying

To ourselves

And others around

Refusing to make a sound

Acting like everything is okay

And that there is nothing

For us to try and save

Since it’s solely about

How people behave,

The ones who know

Beg for us to wake up

But we tell them they don’t know

Because they’re too young

Even though they’re the ones

Who are shot in the lungs.


We see the effects years later

When the massacres don’t end

And others can’t take the despair

Deciding to end their fears

With a bullet to the head

Or hanging from a thread,

But the adults know best

As they always do

Which is why my computer screen always reads:




More or less dead

An active shooting at a high school

Semi Automatic rifle used

Mentally ill outcasted teenager,

When my computer screen should read:




More or less dead

The terrorist used a semi automatic rifle

Congress is working to make a change

So the average person can’t buy these guns

That you don’t need to hunt

Because their only purpose is to kill.


Yes, our country was founded

On the right to own guns

And protect ourselves

From a tyrannical government

But that was then

And this is now,

Our laws need to be fluid

Instead of remaining stagnant

For more than 200 years.


Don’t just open your eyes

But your heart

To the lives 

You are tearing apart.