St. Lucy's Priory High School

St. Lucy’s eats food from around the world

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St. Lucy’s foreign language club hosted a lunch on April 29. They sold tickets for $7 which included a meal of assorted foods from different cultures around the world. All profits were donated to help fund “Lucy Lights”, a fundraiser National Honor Society begun to donate lanterns to children in underdeveloped countries.

In this year’s lunch boxes, the meal included foods from nearby countries like Mexico, to countries in places clear across the Atlantic, like Asia. In the clear cups were pita chips and hummus, a traditional Israeli appetizer and also Tabbouleh, an Arabic vegetarian salad. For a taste of Croatia, was a traditional crusty bread. Pan Dulce, Mexican sweet bread, and a taquito, represented Mexico. For the Italians, was prosciutto wrapped cheese, which is raw ham. Another meat featured was a Polish sausage. For a taste of France was a macaroon, a lady finger, or a French cookie named for its finger-like shape, and a croissant. From the Philippines were noodles, rice, and an egg roll. Lebanese stuffed grape leaves were a traditional delicacy also included. Rice pudding was there to represent the Greek culture as it was served cold and made with cinnamon and milk. A Mediterranean dessert, Baklava, which is honey and nuts held together by phyllo dough, topped off the meal with its sweetness.

Claire Snoke, a sophomore, said her seven dollars were well spent as she enjoyed trying the unique tastes of all the foods she had never had before.

-Vanessa Vela