St. Lucy's Priory High School

Technology in the classroom: Phones should not be used during class

In every classroom setting, it is necessary that students are placed into an environment that is not only comfortable for them, but offers a place where they can easily learn. 

As technology continues to be integrated within education, it is important that the different types of devices used in the classrooms are appropriate in ways that they promote a high quality of education and maintain respect transferred from students to teachers.

It is necessary that there are limits set to the types of technology that can be used in schools, and furthermore, only computers should be allowed during class time due to their countervailing advantages over other smaller devices, like smartphones.

For some, the size of the computer produces an inconvenience for transportation between places, but alternatively, the larger size of its screen and keyboard allows for easier access and generates better attention spans during class.

By having a larger screen, students are not focused on trying to read the words that are presented on the small faces of smartphones, and are therefore more engaged with the lesson presented by the teacher. There is also a health benefit to using a sizable screen, since there is a decrease in strain placed on the eyes.
Moreover, with an actual keyboard attached to the device, students are able to type the notes or homework assignments in an efficient and quick manner.

Not only does the size provide a better quality of education within the classroom, but it also allows for the adults in charge to be aware of what their students are doing at all times.

It is definitely more complicated to hide the body of a computer, unlike that of a phone. Instead of resting on the desktop, phones are able to be hidden under the desk or covered by textbooks and other supplies used in class.

With these portable devices, websites that the school wants to prohibit during school hours are indubitably blocked since computers rely on wireless connection to operate.

On the other hand, smartphones are able to run off of their data and can ignore the limits placed upon Internet searches by turning off the school’s Wi-Fi.

Contrary to smartphones, apps and games are more difficult to access on computers. This is another factor that ensures a standard of respect is maintained by the students towards their authoritative figures.

–Kiley Distelrath