The final farewell



The Associated Student Body (ASB) Inductions and the annual Rose and Candle ceremony were held on Tuesday, May 19 at St. Lucy’s High School. It began with the final farewell from current ASB president Catherine Lowe, and the greeting from new president Gabriella Rubert. Students and faculty witnessed the exchange of ASB positions from old to new, and the theme for the next school year was revealed.

Then came the Rose and Candle ceremony, when each senior presented her chosen junior with a lit candle and an attached note, to indicate the passing on of school leadership. The junior gave her senior a yellow rose, symbolizing friendship.

For more than forty years, the outgoing senior class has passed down their torches, or in this case candles, to the incoming senior class. It has become a tradition to pass on the role of leadership and say a final goodbye to the St. Lucy’s student body.

–Chloe Arambel


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