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iOS 10 – First impressions


iOS 10 public beta became available two weeks ago and this is one of their biggest releases according to Apple, and I got the opportunity to get my hands on it.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place on June 13, where they revealed to developers and the public the new softwares Apple users will be getting around fall: watchOS, tvOS, macOS and iOS, which is one of their most important software

Here are some of the new, awesome features I was able to test and some upcoming ones.

Wake up iPhone

If you have one of the newest iPhones like 6S, 6S Plus or SE, you don’t need to press any buttons on your phone to wake up your phone, all you have to do is raise it up and it will automatically turn the screen on. This feature is called Raise to Wake.

Say goodbye to “slide to unlock”

Now you have to let Touch ID to do its magic by pressing the home button, and then your phone is unlocked! This feature takes a while to get used to because by swiping left, you will access the spotlight menu and taking photos is as easy as swiping left to snap that perfect moment.

Bye, bye Stocks app

You heard me right. If you hate some of Apple’s preset applications, you will be able to “delete” them from your homescreen. This doesn’t delete the app entirely from the phone, it will just hide it and you can redownload it from the app store.

Music gets a new look

The first thing you will notice when you open the app is that you are immediately taken to the “Library” tab, which makes it faster to access your favorite music. One thing I didn’t like about the update is the fact that in order to access your offline music, you have to access another menu inside the “Library” tab. On the final release we will get lyrics inside the Music app! This means you can learn your favorite songs inside the same app.

iMessage 2.0

As the most used app by iOS users, it is getting the most awesome upgrades. Here are a few of them: You will be able to send your messages with some chat bubble animations including “Invisible Ink,” a feature that allows you to hide photos or text until you swipe to reveal the content, along with a smart emoji keyboard, new built-in stickers and reactions and getting iMessage apps.


If you like having your trip photos on a separate album this new feature will be your favorite. This will be added into a new tab called “Memories” which will group similar photos by location in order to make an album with highlights of those events, and you even get a trailer of your albums already made! Also in the photo app you’ll be able to search photos by face recognition, places or things.

Siri is expanding

At Apple’s WWDC, they announced that Siri was going to be open to third-party apps, meaning that you can easily request a Lyft by just holding your home button and asking to send a message via Whatsapp as an example.


This means that you’re going to experience some bugs, and because it’s the first beta, this means there are a lot. I only recommend you to download this if you have another iOS device at home that is not your main one because it will get kind of annoying to face some bugs.

This will definitely be of the biggest updates iOS has ever had. You can download this Beta directly from the Apple page (https://beta.apple.com/) . This update is coming this fall so we still have a couple of months until its final release.

Here’a the preview apple made for iOS 10: