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Love isn’t cheap, but dinner can be

Being teenagers in love (or maybe even teenagers just in like) is hard. Yes it’s true, love is sometimes quite painful. Most of all, it’ll often hurt your wallet.

However there is no need to despair, for there are plenty of affordable options. Whether it’s a first date you’re planning, or a five-year anniversary dinner, here are some date spots that are sure to be cute, fun, and most importantly: cheap.

The Griffith Observatory
Located in Griffith Park, this is a stellar spot to take a loved one, especially since admission is free.
When you first walk into the building, you are met by a huge, intricate clock set into the floor. A pendulum swings from the domed ceiling, marking the beginning of each hour.

For first dates, interactive exhibits like their planetarium will provide you with activities to do while getting to know each other. The theatre is especially fun and interesting, because the entire domed ceiling of the room is the screen. Informational scientific movies are played every few hours, and if you bring your student ID, you get discounted tickets. The observatory, with its expansive front lawn and bird’s eye view of L.A. is the perfect place for a picnic while you look at the city‘s twinkling lights or gaze at the stars.

Couples that have been together for a while can enjoy the beautiful domed planetarium, where they can take turns looking at the moon through the huge telescope. The Griffith Observatory also holds events called Star Parties. These Star Parties are held mainly after it gets dark. Stargazers from all over Los Angeles set up a variety of telescopes out on the front lawn, where everyone in attendance is welcome to use them.

If a night out in town is what you are looking for, Hollywood is the place for you. Located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, the mall plaza has plenty of ample parking and a variety of restaurants for you to choose from. It’s a great location to grab a quick bite. After a dinner with your sweetie, take a short walk down to the famous Chinese Theatre.

There, you can take pictures with famous celebrities’ hand/foot/other extremity-prints, or explore the surrounding designer shops. If you’ve still got time to burn, make your way to Amoeba Records, which is located off Sunset Boulevard. Amoeba often holds concerts right there in the shop, and when they don’t have live talent, they play classic rock while you peruse the aisles of the store.

Old Town Pasadena
Old Town is a good date spot if you and your significant other are looking for a variety of fun activities. You two can begin your date at Afloat Sushi. Afloat is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant with a fun twist. In Afloat Sushi, the dishes are placed on little wooden boats, and if you get a seat by the bar, you’ll be able to pick your meal up right as it floats by in a little moat. The sushi is reasonably priced, so as long as you lay off the high-grade caviar your wallet shouldn’t suffer.

If sushi and seafood isn’t really what you and your sweetie are in the mood for, take a walk down to Slater’s 50/50. This restaurant is best known for their classic burgers. Their most famous burger being their namesake: the 50% beef 50% bacon burger.

After your nautical meal, you might be inclined to walk down to the ArcLight cinemas off of Colorado Boulevard and catch a movie. Or, if you want to be out and about, peruse the many shops up and down Old Town Pasadena.

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