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Temple City High School

Show off your best self at prom

It’s common to worry about prom night being a wreck, but the nerves first settle in when you try deciding on an outfit. To find out more about what to wear for the big night, I interviewed Los Angeles-based fashion stylist Ms. Naz Meknat, the founder of Ms. Meknat has a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles.


Say yes to the fit-and-flare dress

To feel the most confident at prom, wear a dress that flatters your body. This way, you’ll be sure to look great in all your photos regardless of angles.

Ms. Meknat finds that the go-to style for all body shapes are fit-and-flare dresses. The top half of these dresses reach the smallest part of the waist while the bottom half flares outward. This accentuates curves of a straight body, highlights the slimmer, bottom half of the legs in a pear-shaped body and shows off hourglass figures.

Be classy, not trashy

Not only is concealing more skin school-appropriate, but it’s also the fashionably smart way to give off an enchanting energy.

“The trick to look chic and classy is to not show a lot of skin,” Ms. Meknat said. “So, if you are going for a dress that is short, choose one with long sleeves, concealing the upper body and showing off your legs, or the other way around.”

If you have a large bust, it is wise to steer clear of halter or strapless dresses.

Shine bright like a diamond

In spite of different skin colors, jewel-toned colors manage to make everyone radiant. Ms. Meknat recommends a jewel-toned dress and accessories that highlight your best features and conceal your worst. For example, to bring more color to pale skin, include pinks and deeper shades of golden-yellow in your wardrobe.

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As long as you got a tux and tie

From afar, tuxes and suits are fairly identical. One of the most commonly known differences between the two is that tuxedos have satin on their lapels, buttons, pocket trim and the trousers’ side stripes, while suits do not.

As for looks, tuxedos are generally black and look best with a bowtie and patent leather shoes, whereas suits come in various colors and are worn with a necktie and Oxfords. Both choices have their own benefits, but people usually associate tuxedos with formal evening events rather than suits, which people wear to conventional affairs, such as meetings and weddings.

For a pop of color, choose a bowtie that matches your date’s dress. This helps to bring your two looks together. Otherwise, keep your look filled with blacks and grays to stay sophisticated.

If the tux fits, wear it

The last thing you would want is for a tacky, ill-fitted tuxedo to ruin the night to remember. Rental and retail tuxedos are not designed specifically to fit each customer’s body, so tailoring and adding alterations will make any height and frame look dashing.

Some higher-end tuxedo shops offer custom alterations with the rental or purchase of a tux, but a borrowed tux from a friend or an old one from your closet would not be tailored to your fit. Visiting a tailor is just a small cost for a tux that fits snugly with your shoulder width, arm length and pant height.

Tie in general fashion etiquette

Do not let the debate over necktie lengths put you into knots; just remember that your tie’s tip should graze the top of your belt buckle. This presents an overall refined look.