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Opinion: What I would do if I were Jeff Bezos

If I could be anyone for a single day, I would be Jeff Bezos. That is because he is the richest person on earth, and I could use his wealth to benefit others, my family, as well as myself.

First of all, I would be a philanthropist to help my community. For example I will use a portion of his wealth to donate to The Hunger Program, which distributes canned goods to a number of food pantries around Oakland. My donations will allow needy families to have a stable source for food. 

I will then donate to the Red Cross specifically to help the victims of the Kincade Wildfire in the Bay Area of California. As the fire gets more out of control by the day, more and more people are losing their livelihoods. The donations would be a good use of Jeff Bezos’ $110 billion fund.

However, the cause dearest to my heart is rescuing abandoned animals. There are many organizations that dedicate themselves to rescuing these unfortunate lives. I would really love to give every animal a loving place to stay as it awaits a new owner. Hopefully, my contribution will allow animals to be supported for longer periods of time without being euthanized. This will afford many abandoned animals to have a higher chance of meeting a new owner. The money would be well spent if all shelters became a complete “no-kill” haven. 

After helping people in the Bay Area, I am certain that there will be enough left from his enormous wealth to buy some of the things I like. I earn a very small amount of money from doing chores every week, so being able to afford everything will be an amazing experience.

A small snippet of my wishlist are a nice, clean pair of Air Force 1s and new mom jeans from Pacsun. Another good use of Jeff Bezos’ wealth is to buy a bigger house with many rooms, so my dad can have his own library. I would also buy my mom a new BMW, which is her dream car. Lastly, I would like to send my grandparents on a trip to Japan for a nice vacation. 

As the magic day concludes, I would treat my whole family to a nice dinner at a Michelin Star Restaurant. I hope that for the 24 hours I am super rich, I will also make the days of many people.