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Review: “Interstellar”

The plot is creative and there aren’t many scenes that have no meaning.
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June 10, 2022
“Interstellar” directed by Christopher Nolan executes all the elements of an excellent film. Every moment is met with anticipation, and every line is written with a purpose. 

The cinematography sets it apart with many of the scenes in space being zoomed out to show how insignificant Earth really is in comparison to the entire universe. It invokes a sense of wonder, keeping viewers immersed, making the mission feel more desperate with emphasis on isolation. The CGI is very beautiful and intricate. 

Sound assists the impact that the scenes have on the audience because it can change the mood from calm to tense. One particular scene had a distinct ticking in the background, sounding once every 1.25 seconds, marking the passage of one day on Earth. 

The acting in the film was good and made me forget there was even acting. This made the interactions feel more human, giving more impact to emotional moments. 

An example of this is Interstellar’s most famous scene where Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) watches video recordings from his kids back home, forced to watch them grow older and more resentful because he was not there to continue raising them. He displays a mix of emotions, switching from the joy of seeing his kids to the heart-breaking conflict of slowly witnessing his own children grow to hate him. 

“Interstellar” is a bit slow and ambiguous at the very beginning, but this works because it leaves certain details a mystery, making the audience want to watch more to explore the mysteries. 

The pacing is good because the first part is stretched out just enough so that they did not have to rush any of the scenes in space whilst keeping good scenes on Earth. They keep the scenes in space as the main focus and just as the climax of the scene ends, they show some of what was going on back on Earth. 

The plot is creative, and there aren’t many scenes that have no meaning because almost all of them have an important place in the overall plot. The twist in the end doesn’t come out of nowhere, and it actually gave me a revelation about the movie. When the main character traverses time and realizes life comes full circle, it’s very satisfying and eye opening.