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Why this world is a terrible place; humans are the real monsters.

For so long, the answer to that question is not something I was ever able to determine. But I guess now I have an answer and even though it is just as terrifying as not knowing, it still is something. It’s pretty simple, actually. Let me connect the dots for you. The world is terrible, right? Who’s world is it though? Ours. And if it is terrible, it is only because we have made it so. Perhaps even because we are so.

And yeah, there’s no denying that there are good people in this world. But what’s the ratio? One to perchance, a hundred? So many of us damage our one and only home by ourselves only to blame the world for it. We contribute immensely to the ugliness we see in the bigger picture only to blame others in the end.

We have filled our world with endless filth. Not only in our surroundings that are physical, but the spiritual too. Human character is now tainted by lies, deceit, betrayal, backstabbing, immoral judgement and hate. All from us, towards us.

We, as humans, are forgetting that our actions have consequences, that feelings matter, that the power of words is beyond our belief. I want to believe that deep down, we all do know of how everything terrible that we do has an impact that is contributing to the dreadful, but we really have silenced our conscious even more than we have those who are oppressed.

Where is the honest truth? Everybody lies, the happy and the hurt alike; and quite frankly sometimes that is the only truth. And that is the plague of the 21st century. I do believe that in today’s harsh world, we have to do what we need to, to survive. But is that thought itself not clear enough for you to see that, even survival now demands from us, contribution to all the atrocious.

It is as if our world and our souls are on fire. All around us in misery and darkness that has prevailed. There is poison in our veins and we don’t even care. We’re so invested in all that is temporary and materialistic, that we have forgotten the value of our blessings.

We are destructive, invasive and delusional. Scientists may find the cure to the worst, except for the apathy of humans. Instead of worrying about whether or not the Higgs Boson would destroy the world, we should worry about ourselves doing it first. We have turned our world into a chaotic mess, for we were not satisfied with only us being that way.

Where does the change begin though? Because I could try, but for how long? I could try practicing being good, but for how long would that work out for me when everyone else plays dirty? That is not fair in itself, is it? The good, today, are those suffering the most. Majority of the people, that are living lives of such luxury, are those who have stomped all over others to get there. We’re all sinners, pretending to be saints.

And this tragedy is, in no way, beautiful.

Artwork by: Abstract Artist Laura Warburton