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The Melrose Trading Post: where bargaining and vintage items go hand and hand

On Sundays, Los Angeles comes together at the eclectic Melrose Trading Post, where vintage and antique goods sell to an extensive group of individuals. This open-air market provides people with goods from all over the spectrum including unique clothing, traditional furniture, sacred albums, and yummy bites from local food trucks.

This is the place for everyone; it is the epitome of broad scale shopping. Vendors from all over Southern California come every Sunday to persuade people into buying their collectibles. Not only is this flea market fascinating and immense, but it is also the perfect place to practice bargaining that may appeal to be quite rusty. The affordable prices and the exceptional finds go hand in hand, allowing you to leave satisfied and wanting to go back next week.

The Melrose Trading Post accompanies with the best fashion: L.A. street style, a quirky blend of personality and trends, presenting itself throughout every sect of the market, and demonstrating both modern and vintage looks. Though these individuals are well dressed, the outfits consist of bargained goods bought on a budget. The market has a great amount of fashion booths that consist of authentic clothing items from every era, as well as up-and-coming designers. The diverse group of clothing allows shoppers to glance at different reasonably priced items and mix modern and vintage fashion into one.

Furniture, from every decade, is one of the markets most notable items. The furniture can either be a deal or a rip-off depending on the vendor or the “authenticity.” As you hop from booth to booth, you slowly find that each trader has similar, yet different items. That is what is so great about this place; these creators and sellers refurbish goods and put a contemporary touch on them, giving the buyer something one of a kind. Furniture here ranges from mirrors to dressers from the 80s as well as typewriters, film/Polaroid cameras, chairs, sofas, etc. The array of merchandise, especially furniture, makes your expected hour stay to turn into a daylong event.

Records and tapes from the highest legitimacy act as a selling point because of the reasonable price. If you are a music junky, this is the place for you. Music from the 40s to 90s is accessible to all the buyers at the market. They have Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, The Cars, Blondie, Pink Floyd, and the list goes on and on. You can spend hours peering at all of the remarkable album covers and finally coming to a conclusion on which one you want to take home.

This market isn’t only a place to find hidden treasure, but contains some of the best food vendors in the area. In the midst of all these goods, there is a food court where there is cuisine from every culture. It ranges from gyros to tamales and basil infused lemonade to a crisp coke. The broad range of food allows individuals to pair their favorite foods with something new. Outside the premise, food trucks trace the market so when your shopping comes to its closing stage you can enjoy a fresh bona fide meal.

The Melrose Trading Post is a place for everyone, carrying a wide variety of vendors and vintage goods. The flea market is an eyeful experience that is pleasant, and can trigger your inner creativity.

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