L.A. Promise Zone Arts digs up cultural treasures

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Governed by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Promise Zone Arts (PZA) is an initiative aimed at collecting cultural treasures throughout local neighborhoods. Cultural treasures are described as any person, place, or event that brings cultural or historical significance to it’s community.

On Thursday, July 13, PZA attended a local event featuring local punk rock artists at the Levitt Pavilion, located inside downtown Los Angeles’s MacArthur Park. Program Specialist Beto Gonzalez said about the event, “we work in all the communities surrounding MacArthur, so this is a good hub.”

He added, “the community comes here to enjoy music and have a good time.”

Fieldwork Leader Jeny Amaya explained PZA’s community work, saying, “our mission is to collect treasures from the promise zone area.”

“Many residents from the communities of Los Angeles participate in events like this,” Amaya said.

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