Trabuco Hills High School

My message: How can a middle class kid go to college?

Dear future president,

As a high school junior who is about to embark on the college hunt, how do you plan to halt spikes in tuition? Being a hardworking, dedicated student who is determined to get into a top university, the reality is that tuition costs have gotten out of control. Millions of middle class American families like my own simply can’t keep up with these yearly tuition hikes, and something needs to be done.

An excess of federal aid must be given at a more accessible rate to students who do enough to get accepted into top universities. If that is put into action hope can be restored. This is a highly topical issue in modern society that must be addressed.

In addition to the dilemmas concerning tuition, massive budget cuts for education programs across this country have created a turbulent situation. Future president, it will be essential for you to alter these educational issues that surround our country today.


Blake Atwell

Trabuco Hills High School

Mission Viejo, California

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