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Stars of ‘The Price is Right’ give advice to young journalists

A staple of American television, “The Price is Right” has been watched by generations of America’s youth and adults ever since the show debuted in September 1972.

With its 46th season underway, the show has already aired numerous themed episodes, from primetime specials where contestants had the chance to win $1,000,000 to episodes featuring the fans, past participants, and hosts of fellow CBS shows “The Amazing Race,” “Big Brother,” and “Survivor.”

This season, a special “Sweet 16” episode will join the expanding list of themed episodes. Contestants, all aged 16, competed for a chance to win a brand new car, a highly sought-after valuable by everyone.

In honor of the episode’s theme, High School Insider reporters were invited onto the set for its taping. They also had the opportunity to interview host Drew Carey, models Amber Lancaster and James O’Halloran, as well as co-executive producer Evelyn Warfel. All four gave advice to today’s youth struggling with issues and commented on the show’s legacy and impact on America.

Carey, now approaching his 10th anniversary of being the show’s host, said, “if you learn how to set goals, and figure out what’s right for you, then you can specifically hone in on something.”

The Price is Right’s “Sweet 16” episode will air next year.