High School Insider covers the John Hodgman Ideas Exchange at the Ace Theatre. Omar Rashad/HS Insider
Trabuco Hills High School

Writer, author & comedian John Hodgman before his Ideas Exchange appearance

A packed Ace Hotel Theatre witnessed writer, author and comedian John Hodgman, with an appearance by special guest Nick Offerman, discussing his new book “Vacationland,” in a discussion with columnist Patt Morrison.

High School Insider met with Hodgman before the Ideas Exchange to discuss his interest in comedy and advice for young storytellers.

“You may be adept at writing and have a natural voice, or you may need to work at it, by reading a lot and imitating things until you find a voice that feels like it’s the most honest expression of yourself,” he said.

Insiders McKenna Thurber & Blake Atwell interview John Hodgman. Omar Rashad/ LA Times HS Insider

“It’s the same with humor, some can make people laugh naturally, while others need a little extra comedy research.” He added, “Even people who have a gift at something need to do their homework.”

John Hodgman answering HS Insider questions. Omar Rashad/LA Times HS Insider

Hodgman spoke about how very early on in his life, he had no interest of going to an office everyday for the rest of his life. This, along with his love for storytelling, compelled him to combine all of his passions through writing and comedy.

“The advice I have for young storytellers is the advice I have for all creative people, it’s going to be a mix of talent, practice, time and patience. Whatever your creative passion is, do it as much as possible,” he said.

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