Troy High School

Giving Children Hope donates to refugee crisis

Providing relief to Syrian refugees, Giving Children Hope club members are accepting donations from Warriors to send to the Middle East through Dec. 15.

During the first charity drive since the club’s conception, Giving Children Hope club members aim to fill at least three large boxes with donated goods such as basic hygiene products and toys for children. Club members also fundraised over $200 to donate to refugees in need through the central Giving Children Hope organization. The Giving Children Hope organization also held a benefit concert on Nov. 18, selling tickets for $15 each. Warriors who donated a box of necessities such as hygiene products and canned goods received free admission to the concert.

According to President Lydia Chan, the purpose of the club is to provide local support for global issues; the club is targeting the Syrian refugee crisis in their current charity effort. Warriors who donate to the cause will make a difference in the international community by aligning with Giving Children Hope’s theme of helping others internationally starting from the regional level, Chan said.

“We would like to help people both in the local community and around the world,” Chan said. “[Giving Children Hope] has helped those affected by recent earthquakes in the past, and they are currently sending necessities to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Warriors [can] help with the drive by [helping to reach] a wider audience and by donating to those in need.”

Due to the current holiday season, Giving Children Hope are collecting donations at the same time as other clubs’ fundraisers. However, the proceeds from the Syrian refugee crisis drive will benefit others on an international scale, while most clubs’ charity drives will focus on the local community instead. According to Vice President Leo Yeung, board members do not consider this to be competition, because donating to those in need is a noble cause, regardless of their location.

By organizing the drive, club members came together to remind Warriors of people who are in need, Chan said. The charity effort allowed club members to look beyond themselves and give to others during the festive season.

“It’s great that we have these drives because they spread our mission of giving children hope, but also remind people who there are people who are less fortunate and may need our help,” Chan said. “[This drive] has taught us a lot about coming together and working for a single cause. I’m glad that we are coming together as a community to help provide warmth to those in need [this] holiday season.”