(Photo courtesy of Simon Nguyen)
UC Berkeley

Review: Miss Lola and a snapshot into the summer

Summertime is a look into the art of culture and resurgence. This year’s particular summer basked in the emergence of catchphrases plastered over social media, artists and fashion renewing itself in L.A.’s unforgivable heat.

It’s a moment to breathe as time passes with deft precision, days seemingly melding into one another. Yet, this summer was a time of transformation, a time where trends were now intertwining with a hodgepodge of jubilant colors.

Not only was summer clothing evolving, but also the attitude of the season. Social media became inundated with demands of self expression and living one’s best life. In the midst of the stark reality of the political atmosphere, or global climate issues, the mantra of living in the moment was ever present in this rendition of the sanguine summertime. 

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With 2.2 million followers on Instagram, California-based Miss Lola’s pull is undeniable. Their collections simultaneously intermix classic style with prevailing trends present on Instagram. For their summer collection, they played out the essence of the summertime freshness while managing to engender aspects of glamour to the pieces emblematic of the inimitable attitude of summer 2019.

A number of two piece sets dominated the collection in an attempt to intertwine easy to wear pieces with bold, fluorescent hues. Miss Lola’s take on the classic biker short trend reveals a brilliant radiance of a neon green color choice, and an off the shoulder, form fitting top. In the spirit of the warmth of summer, the brilliant coral swimsuit in this collection is designed for the bottoms to rest high on the hips, adding a hint of risqué to a classic bikini bottom.

The top of the suit deviates from the typical string swimwear top. Contrary to most popular swimsuit designs, a zipper is located at the front, with straps made to counteract the dilemma of flimsy tops threatening to combust at any given moment. In addition to the fluorescent pieces, the collection isn’t too far removed from classic elements of summer, and presents an homage to basic summer pieces, with a floral top partnered with matching shorts.

While the sandals revive a formerly commonplace design. It’s clear from the start that the clothes were meant to provide comfort while small details, like the bow at the front of the blouse, or the dazzling lemon shade and series of complex ties of the shoes, ruminates on the leitmotif of a touch of elegance. 

Accessories are a necessity in any summertime look, something they pondered with statement earrings and hair clips. In this collection, they feature hoop earrings different from regular ones, made instead with a cloth like material.

One pair modeled after the conventional hoop earring, while the other yielded haphazard shapes meant to bring an edge to the earring. The hair accessories procure subtle images of luxury, the glitter hair pins absolutely divine once a flash of a sunlit shine kisses its presence, adding a mesmerizing glimmer to the locks. 

The quintessential elements of the summer are palpable with Miss Lola’s adept collection. What the brand focuses on is taking an unabashed cue to the revelation of summertime societal identities. Unequivocally understanding, this brand authentically comprehends this generation’s penchant for stylistic comfort and excellence.

Playing on both realms of classic and popular trends, this brand remembers to ponder its market’s primary interests without condescendingly forgoing intricate details. Maybe that’s the gist of the summer they’re conveying. It’s a commandeering of style without adhering to a singular element. 


Clothing can be purchased at misslola.com, and Miss Lola’s Instagram is @misslolaofficial.