Lexy Panterra is a singer-songwriter and recently released an EP titled "Gemini Valentine." (Photo courtesy of Helena Suly Manova)
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Singer-songwriter Lexy Panterra talks love, fitness and new EP ‘Gemini Valentine’

Singer-songwriter Lexy Panterra is no stranger to working hard to achieve a goal. She has already successfully launched her career, collaborating with top names such as DJ Snake, Major Lazer, and Marshmello, and gathering a loyal fan base of 9 million followers on Instagram.


What did it feel like to put your EP out into the world? What have the reactions been like so far?

I can’t pay attention to reactions; I’d rather focus on my happiness. But I’ll tell you, when people do videos dancing to my songs, I get so excited. It’s the best feeling! And I’m so glad to finally release this music, I’ve been working on it for so long and I put my heart into all of these songs.

In her highly anticipated EP, Gemini Valentine, Lexy explores the concepts of relationships, passion and everything in-between. (Photo courtesy of Lexy Panterra)

What musicians or singers inspire you as an artist and lyricist? 

Style wise, I love Rihanna. She’s edgy, sexy, and classy all at the same time, and has really paved the path for other artists to not be confined in one box. In terms of my own music, I like being direct, and I view my music as a conversation. I want the listeners to be right there with me, hearing my story. I also really want to try and rap! I feel like it will give me an excuse to be more candid, play more of a character, and turn more of my stories out into songs. We will see!

Tell us more about your fitness company, Twerkout! How did you get started in the fitness industry?

I’ve had a personal trainer since I was 19, which is kind of weird when you think about it, but I did, and it really helped me develop this passion and turn it into a profession. Plus, I’ve always liked fitness. Well, I have a love-hate relationship with it. Working out can suck sometimes, but Twerkout doesn’t suck. It’s epic and a workout with multiple benefits. We currently have online classes and we will resume our live classes following the health crisis.

In what ways would you say the fitness industry is similar or different to the entertainment and performing industry?

It’s almost the same. There are honestly many parallels! In both of these industries, you’re being active, and exerting maximum effort and energy not only for yourself, but for those who support you and showed up for you because they believe in the message and the cause. Whether it’s cheering fans in a crowd or dancers in a classroom, everyone wants to perform and be the best versions of themselves. Both of these professions are very empowering!

What was the process like for you to turn your dream of making music and performing into a reality? What did you learn most or were surprised about along the way?

I’ve been pursuing this dream my whole life. Having success doesn’t come easily and I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be, but I am still building my brand identity and discovering who I am as an artist. I just know what’s real, and that’s the music. A passion for this industry never just “hit me” one day, or anything like that. I was born with it. I’m actually surprised about how deep and political the industry actually is, and how nasty people such as industry managers in the game can really be. It’s a harsh reality, but every lesson learned makes you stronger.

Lexy Panterra approaches each song with honesty, vulnerability, and her own experiences to guide each note. (Photo courtesy of Lexy Panterra)

What advice do you have for musicians or aspiring singers who want to enter the entertainment industry?

Study every aspect of your craft, in and out.That is no joke. Give up if you’re not 10 toes down. You won’t win. Devote every part of yourself into this purpose, and never back down. You need to be ready to put all of yourself into this, and take the wins and losses as they come, because they will. Ride the high when it happens, but don’t quit when you hear the word “no.” Stay focused and driven, always, no matter what.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re excited about?

I think during this quarantine, I’ll release a couple songs, and continue to work on my bigger project. I feel like I need to make more music! The music I have in my archives aren’t what I want out exactly, so we will see. I also really want to tour, so I’m looking for sick artists I could vibe with in that aspect!

You can stay up to date on Panterra’s next project by following her on Instagram @lexypanterra.