Opinion: Liz Cheney isn’t the national hero she’s lauded as

With Representative Liz Cheney being in the news recently, we must reflect upon why Americans time and time again accept and glorify the bare minimum.
<a href="" target="_self">Nikki Jaberyzadeh</a>

Nikki Jaberyzadeh

March 27, 2022
WGOP Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming has recently been in the headlines, highlighting her effort against former President Donald Trump and the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol.

She has been put on a pedestal of liberal superiority and praised as the new hero of the Republican party, and was named the vice chair of the January 6 select committee. The committee is to investigate deeper into what evoked the insurrection as well as what were the events that led up to it, and to look into Trump’s specific actions on that day.

Cheney’s position: Moral? Yes. Honorable? No. Although Cheney is rightfully against the January 6 insurrection, that shouldn’t prompt a media overflow of glorification of a Representative that believes that waterboarding is not torture, as she said in a 60 minutes interview.

The fact that she is against rioting is not a unique stance that she should be applauded for. It’s just the bare minimum. Her beliefs also align with Trump greatly and some of her positions are even more radical.

According to Business Insider, Cheney has voted in line with Trump’s positions 93% of the time; a percentage greater than GOP Representative Elise Stefanik of New York (78%), who was voted to replace Cheney as GOP Conference Chair.

This is not the first time where a right wing figure has been acclaimed for their sudden belief in morality. John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor under the Trump Administration, was in a media dispute with the former president, after conflicting reports on whether Bolton quit the position or Trump fired him.

Although his opposition to Trump did not spark as big of a support as Cheney’s has, it still gave him enough of a foundation to write a White House memoir titled, “The Room Where it Happened,” which sold 780,000 copies in its first week. Let us not forget the rampant campaign of warmongering that Bolton has spewed throughout his years in public office and his unyielding support for military action to acclaim America to be the “world’s police.”

The instant praise for these traditional, outdated thinking individuals, whose fundamental belief system is completely divergent to the objectives of progressiveness, only heightens their platform and gives them more leverage to spread their backward thinking platform. The “liberal” platform should not bend over backwards for every conservative who inches to their direction, because the right has not given the same leeway.

If we want to advance as a nation, we must stop supporting those whose policies and ideology are against American interest, and are actually destroying the force of change that is slowly being brought into action, and we must stop accepting the bare minimum, as it allows for people to get by without advocating for change.

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