The Spice of Life podcast: School and Social Media during COVID-19

By Simona Forster, Elizabeth Choi, Karina Pandurangadu, and Ayushi Shah

The Spice of Life is back with the first episode of season two as we follow what’s up-and-coming in entertainment. Listen in as Simona, Elizabeth, Karina and Ayushi discuss school and social media during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of high school students. With various grade levels and learning models, this episode offers some insight on how life in high school has changed for students in the hybrid program and virtual learning model (IVA/Irvine Virtual Academy). In addition, the students examine the evolution of social media during the pandemic.

Season 2, Episode 1:

Recorded 10/24/20
0:37 – hybrid learning
10:45 – comparing reopening plans across nation and world
17:08 – body image in social media
23:16 – normalization of displaying pronouns
25:45 – change in purpose of social media

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