The Spice of Life Podcast: Season 2 Ep 2 — Reopening of Public Spaces and Movie Releases during COVID-19

By: Jean Meyer, Gregory Amenta, Alysa Feng, Eliana Lenan

Listen in as we discuss what’s up-and-coming in entertainment. This new episode, we focus on movie releases, theme park re-openings, JK Rowling controversy, and social media bans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recorded 10/25/20
0:35 – live shows adapting to Covid
3:07 – filming and releasing movies during Covid
4:44 – JK Rowling controversy
9:32 – reopening theme parks, movie theaters, and public areas
17:36 – Tik Tok and We Chat ban

The Spice of Life: Season 2, Episode 2 by UHS High School Insider

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