The Spice of Life Podcast: The Holidays, Pandemic Style

The Spice of Life is back with the third installment of season two as we follow what’s up-and-coming in entertainment. Listen in as Simona, Elizabeth and Karina discuss how the holidays have changed to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This episode explores how to stay safe while still finding joy during the holiday season, along with alternative activities that are safe and fun. In addition, the students examine how the meaning of the holidays has both changed and stayed the same during this unusual time.

Season 2, Episode 3:

Recorded 12/21/20
0:20 – celebrating safely
4:21 – how holiday traditions have adapted to COVID-19
9:33 – relationship between eating disorders and the holidays
11:47 – what the holidays mean during a pandemic, and how that meaning has changed

By Simona Forster, Elizabeth Choi, and Karina Pandurangadu

The Spice of Life: Season 2, Episode 3 by UHS High School Insider

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