iPodcast is hosted by University High School students Emily Hsi, Krishna Khawani and Eric Xu, who discuss recent tech innovations and breakthroughs in the technology industry. (Image courtesy of Emily Hsi)
University High School

Youth on Technology — iPodcast Episode 1

First episode of the iPodcast hosted by Emily Hsi, Krishna Khawani, and Eric Xu. iPodcast discusses recent tech innovations as well as breakthroughs in the technology industry. Any and all new electronic devices, vehicles, and expansions into space are also covered.



00:00 Introduction

00:19 iOS 13 Rumors

01:13 Apple Product Colors (Airpods, iPhones)

02:20 Airpod Innovations

02:41 iPhone 11 Rumors

04:09 Samsung Galaxy Fold

04:47 Device Notches

05:08 Samsung Galaxy Fold Issues

05:32 Notches in Samsung vs. Apple

06:20 Company Product Quality/Device Security/Privacy

07:23 Apple Moving Forward (Touch ID, Headphone Jack)

08:12 Google in AI

09:13 Google Progressing as a Company

10:19 Microsoft Surface Pro

11:44 Google I/O Keynote and Pixel 3A

12:35 Elon Musk SpaceX Launch

13:00 Tesla Model Y

14:33 Tesla Car Market Popularity

15:22 Diversity of the Tesla Company (Tesla Flamethrower, S3XY Car Models, SpaceX)

16:32 Black Hole Images

17:29 Ending


Recorded May 7

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