University High School Charter

The mourning after Election Day

To many of us, the presidential election results were staggering. Regardless on how we feel about the outcome, however, we must look toward the future. We need to stand united and address the issues plaguing our country.

In a way, this election has opened our eyes to the hate, bigotry, and general unrest of this nation. Rather than tiptoeing around subjects such as immigration, racism and xenophobia, this election has forced us to confront our true feelings and beliefs about these matters.

We must now fight to preserve and increase our rights and ensure that the work of civil rights leaders such Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King Jr. do not die in vain. This country is not over and neither should be our faith in it.

If we want to promote lasting changes in civil rights, we cannot just rant on Twitter and expect that to magically fix our issues. Go on protests and marches to let your voice be heard. Write to your congressmen and work with legislators to pass propositions about issues that matter to you.

Most importantly, we need to engage in positive language and behavior. Ignorance, fear, and anger are three very dangerous ingredients that fuel riots and other counterproductive measures. We must act like civilized people if we wish to move this nation forward on the basis of kindness and tolerance.

What we must now do is spread love, not hate, to everyone. Instead of being fearful of those not similar to us, we need to learn to accept and embrace these differences.